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Naturally, as you go through the beginner’s version of the video program, you will start to master everything that is being taught and just like you did with this program, you will start to look for more teachings.

You obviously don’t want to stay a beginner forever.

So what can you do?

I want to give you the Full Kali Majapahit (KM) Training Package, including Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced and Experts!

This Full Training Package includes everything that you need to know to move through the ranks of this fighting style and become an expert faster than you even thought possible!

In the Full KM Program, you will learn skills and techniques in a very logical and structured manner, from Beginner to Expert.

- 1000+ Videos
- Empty-Hands / Self-Defense
- Knife Defense and Disarms
- Single and Double Sticks
- Filipino Boxing/Kickboxing
- Exotic Weapons (Karambit, Tomahawk, Barong...)
- The Art of Escape (Parkour)

Listen, if you don’t have a fighting style yet, you’re not going to want to end your journey at the beginning stages. You’re going to want to grow as a fighter (because the more skilled you are, the more likely you are to defend yourself) and as a person.

If you already have a fighting style, mastering this one is going to build on top of the skills that you already have in a way that is going to surprise you!

Keep in mind, THIS is the martial art that is used to teach both the general public and several Special Forces around the world and -          
I created it in a way that is easy for you to understand and learn.

In the program, you’ll learn:

  • One of the most structured Martial Arts program out there
  • The FULL KM Training Experience (from beginner all the way to expert level training)
  • Disarm techniques that can leave an attacker clueless about what even happened!
  • The secret to being an amazing martial artist (with an amazing repertoire)
  • Boxing combinations that move frighteningly fast and are super efficient
  • Which body part you can use to make sure you hardly take any damaging blows
  • How to dramatically increase your chances against a knife attack
  • "Health & Lifestyle" Program - Tips & Tricks that will make your body healthier (nutrition, breathing, posture and mediation)
  • How to combine everything that you’ve learned (This is the road that leads to mastery level)
  • One time payment only! No hidden fees
  • Lifestyle Membership
  • And much, much more...

Warning: If you’re looking for a boring martial arts program that you can’t adapt with to fit your skills, that will be an easy way out, or if you’re not looking to put in the work to learn this, then look elsewhere. This program isn’t for you.

But I’m assuming that since you’re on this page, that isn’t you by a long shot. You’re an action taker, and you see yourself mastering this fighting style and building confidence deep within.

And because you've shown you’re serious and learning this, I can offer this to you for an insanely low price!

This program is only $491 $199 which is crazy low!

Even better? If you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay. Simple as that.

Click the button below and let's get started building confidence, building a healthier lifestyle, and learning how to defend ourselves.

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Check out the FULL KM Online Training Program for the extremely low price of $491 $199

What is included inside the Package : More than 1000 videos

  • KM Camp & Seminars (800+ Video Clips): Personal Protection, KM Bali Seminar, KM New Zealand Seminar, KM New Tailand Seminar, KM Singapore Seminar, KM Annecy Seminar, KM Summercamp...
  • Sinawali (Double Sticks) Full Curriculum (26 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts
  • Solo Baston (Single Stick) Full Curriculum (27 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts
  • Kadena De Mano (Empty Hands) Full Curriculum (33 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts
  • Panuntukan (Boxing) Full Curriculum (39 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts
  • Weapons & Blades Full Curriculum (75 Videos): Intermediates, Advanced & Experts
  • Parkour (41 Videos): Jumps, Rolls, Runs, Tactical Low Line, Vautls
  • Health & Lifestyle (10 Videos): Nutrition, Fasting, Meditation, Conditioning...
  • Bonus KM HIIT Workout (1 Video)

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