Kali Majapahit Individual Packages

Each specific sub-system of Kali Majapahit Curriculum

Our training curriculum was designed to give students tools, not only for being the best possible martial artist, but also for living a better and healthier life.

We provide them great values, focus and energy, and finally to boost up their life with positivism, perseverance and confidence.

Kali Majapahit was created based on Punong Guro Fred Evrard’s extensive exposure to various martial arts, which he combined and borrowed the most effective concepts as a base for our system.

It later evolved to build its own identity and concepts.

All the sub-systems are interdependent and have to be seen as a whole.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to get one specific sub-system, you can get them here:

KADENA DE MANO (Empty-hands/Self-defense): Is a very efficient sub-system for self-defense, and teaches how to flow from one movement to another, using punches, palm strikes, elbows, knees, headbutts, take-downs, etc. Kadena de Mano means “chain of the hands”.

Full Curriculum (33 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts.

KADENA DE MANO Individual Package - Only $49

SINAWALI (Double Sticks)Is great way to improve coordination, and one of the core sub-systems of Filipino Martial Arts. It helps balance the brain hemispheres and will eventually make you ambidextrous. It is also great to learn to fight with 2 weapons “Musashi style”.

Full Curriculum (26 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts.

SINAWALI Individual Package - Only $49

SOLO BASTON (Single Stick): Filipino stick arts come from traditional fencing. Our single stick system is called Dequerdas (for Beginners) and Serrada (for Advanced) and will teach you to use any weapon (not only sticks) in any situation at any distance.

Full Curriculum (27 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts.

SOLO BASTON Individual Package - Only $49

DAGA (Knife): Knife training develops specific self-defense skills, and precision and speed in one’s martial practice. “Blade work” is a specialty of Filipino Martial Arts.

Full Curriculum (75 Videos): Intermediates, Advanced & Experts.

DAGA Individual Package - Only $49

PANUNTUKAN (Boxing/Kickboxing): Often called “Filipino boxing” or “dirty boxing”, Panuntukan is also an amazing workout and provides a great boost to self-confidence.

Full Curriculum (39 Videos): Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced & Experts.

PANUNTUKAN Individual Package - Only $49

PARKOUR: Is an athletic training discipline in which practitioners attempt to get from point A to point B in the most fluid way possible, without assisting equipment and in the fastest and most efficient way possible. With roots in military obstacle course training and martial arts, Parkour includes running, climbing, jumping, vaulting, rolling and crowling…

Full Curriculum (41 Videos): Jumps, Rolls, Runs, Tactical Low Line, Vautls.

PARKOUR Individual Package - Only $49

PERSONAL PROTECTION : Our Personal Protection program is an efficient, unique and non-stressful personal safety and active shooter / counter-terrorism program designed specifically for the needs of both, the general public and law-enforcement. Inspired by our R.E.D. program, it is designed to build awareness, confidence and a feeling of safety and control. The training provides very efficient solutions to today’s security problems, Before, During and After a threat.

PERSONAL PROTECTION Individual Package - Only $99

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