Kali Majapahit – KM Martial Arts

The first step into Kali Majapahit, our Beginners classes will take you from the most basic self-defense techniques to becoming an efficient martial artist. The training curriculum that was developed based on teaching thousands of students, is optimized to bring results to everyone.

This curriculum covers many aspects of Kali Majapahit: Single/double sticks, empty hands self-defense as well as Filipino and Thai boxing/kickboxing.

Learning Objectives :

  • Efficient Self-Defense (Empty hands + Weapons)
  • Improves Coordination / Focus
  • Structured Belt Ranking System
  • Health & Personal Growth Concepts
  • Leadership & Self-confidence

Intermediates, Advanced, Kasama & Black Belts Classes

The Intermediates class will be more demanding in both, skills and focus. Here, the student will be introduced to a new KM sub-system: our knife defense (also taught to law enforcement and special forces around the world). The higher intensity of the Intermediates training will bring his/her skills and knowledge to a completely new level.

The Advanced and Kasama (assistant instructor) classes are the last 2 steps to becoming a Black Belt as students get to explore deeper the concepts, strategies and techniques of Kali Majapahit. The rhythm and intensity are much higher and we are getting students ready for the black Belt curriculum (from 1st to 6th degree Black Belt). New weapons and styles are also introduced as we go further in training in the various influences of Kali Majapahit.

The Black Belt class is the higher level and the most intense class in Kali Majapahit where all the Black Belts and Instructors meet to train together and challenge each other. At this level, the student is “fluent in the martial art language” and can express him/herself freely. He has also reach an amazing level of skills in both, practical self-defense and traditional martial arts.


KickBox-Fit is simply one of the world’s best weight-loss (I should really say FAT-LOSS) program in the world, “attacking” the over-weight problem from every angles.

Physical with a high intensity cardio kickboxing program for every level (beginners, intermediates and advanced), Dietetic, with easy-to-follow professional nutrition tips, and mental, by teaching you exactly what to do and why most weight-loss program and diet fail. We will never put you on a diet… We will teach you about nutrition and human physiology.


Learning Objectives

  • Deliver an amazing fat-burning workout in only 30min. (You will learn why 30min of high intensity exercise is better than running 1h on a treadmill).
  • Teach you about nutrition, breathing and fitness. And there is a bonus. Since our method of cardio is based on Kickboxing, you will also learn how to defend yourself.
  • Our classes are taught by real martial arts/kickboxing instructors, and certified nutritionists. No wanna-be-instructors here. But don’t worry, our program is completely safe and you will never get punched doing it.

 Watch the Video

 Watch the Video

Personal Safety: R.E.D.

R.E.D. (Recognize & Escape Danger) is an efficient, unique and non-stressful personal safety and active shooter / counter-terrorism program designed specifically for the needs of both, the general public and law-enforcement. The R.E.D. program is designed to build awareness, confidence and a feeling of safety and control. The training provides very efficient solutions to today’s security problems, Before, During and After a threat.

Scenarios covered include defense against threatening individuals or groups, a terror attack, a bombing or any other unexpected dangerous event. At some point in our life, we all face a situation where we need to get away from danger. With a powerful survival plan, we can keep ourselves and our families safe.


Learning Objectives

  • Situational Awareness: Establishing a baseline to recognize/anticipate threats and staying out of danger when possible.
  • Behavior Analysis: Learning how to read Body Language, Intention Cues and Micro-Facial Expressions.
  • Reality-based Self Defense: Indoors and outdoors scenario training based on real life situations in the street, while traveling, at home, at the office, in a car etc.
  • Beyond Self-Defense: Dealing with threats such as terror attacks, natural disasters, bombing, chemical attacks, lone shooters, vehicle attacks…
  • Emotional & Mental resilience: Key to being able to respond in an extremely stressful situation, learn about Adrenaline Stress Response and Quick Decisive Action.
  • Protecting others: Based on VIP protection techniques, how to protect your loved ones in the event of various unexpected dangerous events.

Tai Chi – Chi Gong

Tai Chi (or Tai Chi Chuan) is a slow and gentle exercise that is suitable for anyone, whatever the age.

The style that Fred and Lila Evrard teach is called Old Yang ​Tai Chi (Yang Shaohou lineage) and is believed to be the oldest Tai Chi form still alive today, maybe even the very same form Tai Chi founder, Yang Luchan, taught in Beijing in 1850. It is a very rare form, even in China, and very few Westerners had the chance to learn it. Fred and Lila were trained in Old Yang style by Sifu James Nener in France and in Chen style by legendary Master Feng Zhiqiang in China.

In China, Tai Chi is linked to traditional medicine and is also a form of “dynamic meditation”.


Learning Objectives :

  • Tai Chi formWorking on balance, coordination and breathing.
  • Internal Energy: Stimulate your meridians (acupuncture’s energy lines and points) to strengthen your internal organs and boost your energy level.
  • Optimal HealthTai Chi will teach you about living a healthy lifestyle, deep breathing, posture correction, flexibility but also nutrition and meditation.
  • Basic Self-DefenseEvery move in the Tai Chi form was originally created for martial arts and self-defense. Fred and Lila are two of the few Tai Chi instructors to still know this aspect of the art…

 Watch the Video

 Watch the Video