Law Enforcement CQC

Our Law Enforcement curriculum is made of two of our best tactical training programs for Law Enforcement and Military: CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and R.E.D. (Recognize & Engage Danger). It’s a unique, efficient and field proven personal safety and counter-terrorism program specifically designed for the need of Police officers, Military and security personnel.

CQC / R.E.D. is a new way of approaching security, adapting to the challenges our societies are now facing. Working on the recognition of danger, we first choose detection and prevention (Before), then intervention and protection (During), to finally deal with unexpected situations (After) if necessary.

Some of our renown clients are: French Ministry of Defense, French Special Forces (GIGN), Singapore Police Force, Singapore and Hong Kong VIP Protection Units, Singapore Ministry of Education, Philippines SWAT and Police Force, Philippines Fast Reaction Unit, Mediacorp Singapore, Johnson & Johnson, DELL Computers, J.P. Morgan Bank, The American Association of Singapore, Subway Restaurants Asia, Raffles Hotel, La Reserve Geneva Hotel…


Learning Objectives


BEFORE: Recognize & Prevent Danger

  • Situational awareness
  • Baselines and anomalies
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Body language and micro-facial expressions analysis


  • Survival 101: What to do when facing an active shooter, a terrorist attack, a knife…
  • Self-defence & close-quarter-combat
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Knife-defence
  • Defence against multiple attackers
  • Team work

AFTER: Deal with a situation

  • Tactical Pursuit
  • Moving in a close, urban or public environment
  • Moving in a crowd
  • Control of one or several attackers


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